These are the general conditions that apply to every visitor or group of visitors of the Standard Visit. May we kindly ask you to carefully read them so that our organisation will be able to offer you an unforgettable brewery experience.

Some of these guidelines are given for safety reasons, others refer to organisational aspects but are no less important.


  1. Booking a visit is possible as from 20 persons. If a group of 15 persons has already been booked, you can join this group. If you wish to book a guided tour in French or English, this is possible as from minimally 20 persons. An advance payment of € 5 per person, with a minimum of 20 persons, must be transferred in advance.

The remaining amount must be paid during the visit by the persons present. The advance payment is meant for our overall organisational expenses, participants who are absent will not be refunded.

  1. When booking your visit, you will be given a reservation number and receive from us a confirmation of your reservation. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive the final confirmation of your reservation. You should take this confirmation mail with you during your visit as this is your entry ticket. Reservations are not valid as long as we haven’t received payment.
  2. Your reservation must be paid at least 14 calendar days prior to your visit. If we haven’t received payment 14 calendar days prior to the actual visit, the reservation will be automatically considered cancelled.
  3. Online reservations can be annulled up to 14 calendar days prior to the date of your scheduled visit. The refunded advance payment will be decreased by €10 by way of handling costs. Cancelling a reservation is only possible by sending a mail to, entering as subject: “CANCELLATION OF VISIT + reservation number”.
  4. If you wish to receive an invoice, we can do this after your reservation has been made. Please mention this clearly when making your reservation. We also ask you to provide us with the necessary invoicing data (name, address, VAT number if applicable…).

The invoice will be sent to you by mail after the visit.

  1. Please observe the maximum number of entries. For safety reasons, it is not possible to accept more than 55 entries for Dutch-speaking groups. Exceptions to this rule will not be allowed except for the bus driver.
  2. For organisational reasons, it is not possible to schedule a visit at other hours than those suggested on our website. We therefore ask you to respect the pre-set visiting hours. Visits are not possible on Sundays or Mondays as we are closed then.
  3. Don’t forget upon your arrival to communicate whether the group includes minors (-18 year). As we are not allowed to serve beer to minors (-18 years), we can provide for non-alcoholic drinks during the guided tour.
  4. If the visit is an organised bus trip, the bus driver does NOT have to pay and thus need not be registered online. For safety reasons, bus drivers are offered 2 non-alcoholic drinks.
  5. Children up to 3 years can visit the brewery FREE OF CHARGE and thus need not be registered online either.


  1. Make sure you’re on time. Please report 5 minutes in advance at the entry door at the back.
  2. Persons who are clearly under the influence – either of alcohol or of narcotics or other hallucinogenic or similar substances – are not allowed access to the brewery, neither are troublemakers or persons who do not wish to abide by our internal regulations. As this is a safety matter, we reserve the right to decide sovereignly on this without any recourse being possible.
  3. Try to appoint a person who acts as the person responsible for the group. In this way, we have a fixed contact person if we have questions or for payment purposes. Please also note that, for safety reasons, everyone must follow the instructions of the guide and the group must stay together during the guided tour.
  4. A guided tour includes two drinks and a bite per visitor. So do not bring along food or beverages as these cannot be consumed in the brewery.


How many months in advance can I book?
You can book your visit 1 year ahead of your date of choice.

How can I alter my reservation?
If you wish to make changes to your online reservation, these changes must be communicated through Changing online reservations is possible up to 14 calendar days prior to your visit, subject to availability. Additional costs, if any, may be charged.

Unfortunately, we can’t come anymore! What now?
We would very much appreciate that you inform us through
Make sure not to forget to mention your reservation number. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your advance payment.

Can we eat something during our visit?
All our formulas include a bite and 2 drinks. We kindly ask you not to bring your own food or beverages. If so desired, it is always possible to book a sandwich lunch, which will then be offered to you during the tasting session.

How can I pay the advance?
Payment is only possible through a bank transfer to account no. BE51 3630 7605 9962. The remaining amount and additional purchases in our shop, if any, can be paid on the spot in cash or using your bank card.

If you still have questions after having read this list, please feel free to send a mail to