Vicaris beers are best kept in a cool, dark and dry room. It is important that the beer is always stored upright so that the yeast stays at the bottom of the bottle.

Bitter substances in beer are very sensitive! The more a bottle is subjected to sunlight, the worse the beer will start to smell. Wort and beer rarely see sunlight in the brewery. Even the bottles are in this brown colour to retain the flavour and aroma for as long as possible.

Every beer is subject to ageing, but not every beer has an equally nice evolution. The information on the label will tell you how old your bottle is.
The blonde Vicaris beers Quinto, Triple and Triple/Gueuze are beers with a highly refined balance between malty and hoppy flavours. Flavours and aromas that start to develop as the shelf life is being exceeded don’t go well with this.

In our darker beers, on the other, the ageing flavours go better with the complexity of the caramelised and roasted malts. Vicaris Generaal and Vicaris Winter can easily be kept for 5 years, far beyond the shelf life indicated on the label.


The ideal serving temperature differs for every beer. To savour our Vicaris Triple/Queuze and Quinto, we recommend a temperature of 5-7°C. In the Vicaris Triple, Generaal and Winter, the rich aromas can be better appreciated at a slightly higher temperature of 6-9°C.

Serving is best done in a dry and clean Vicaris glass. Pour the beer gently in a tilted glass, gradually bring the glass upright once 3/4th of the bottle has been emptied. A froth of three centimetres is ideal. A beautiful thick layer of foam ensures that all fine flavours remain longer in your glass and thus extends the enjoyment of your Vicaris.

(Tip: Never place your glass in the dishwasher, rests of soap will create a film layer on the glass, which will break down your froth. Properly rinsed glasses washed by hand provide for the best result.)

You choose whether or not you pour out the bottle to the last drop. Vicaris beers are re-fermented in the bottle and thus have a residue on the bottom. When pouring it out along with the beer, your beer will off course become cloudy but this will also generate a delicious full flavour and add an extra touch of bitterness.