Vicaris Generaal is a dark brown, top-fermented beer with a beautiful yellowish head. The additional use of special malts lends this dark version of the Vicaris Triple not only its unique warm colour but also its distinctive full-bodied flavour and rich aroma. The specially selected hop variety creates the right balance between bitter and roasted malt tones. Fans of a strong dark beer will love this connoisseur beer with taste evolution. So, don’t be afraid to keep it for a few months or even years, its distinct character will only get better.

All Vicaris beers are unfiltered and non-pasteurised and are re-fermented in both bottle and barrel.

28 EBU
59 EBC
Alcohol percentage: 8,5
Serving temperature: 6-9°C
Packaging: 33cl bottle, 75cl bottle, 20l KeyKeg
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, sugar, hop and yeast